Aren’t we all sick and fed up of iPhone iterations and seeing newer iPhone model only to find out they have slight design modifications, are faster, more gimmicky, better battery, camera is better so on and so forth. I used to change phones every year but last year I skipped the 6S completely as I did not feel the need to do so. Yes I did get the iPhone 7 this year but understand why I did. It was mainly because of the battery and the nice matte black finish. I am not saying iPhone 7 is not great it is but what I am really happy about at the end of the day is the long lasting battery and the beautiful Matte Black which by the way is a in a protective back cover šŸ™‚

What I should have done in hindsight is gotten a new battery and a nice black cover for my iPhone 6 or if I had an iPhone 6S. Yes like everyone else I love taking pictures too but the end result is more or less the same with all the filters out there. Is the iPhone 7 faster yes it is in comparison but the iPhone 6 and 6S areĀ fast enough too and getĀ the job done. I would strongly suggest that one should change iPhones only when their is a radical design change which will be most likely next year being the 10th anniversary of Apple.

For now you should get your iPhone 6 series fixed for any parts that are not working, get it serviced, replace it by putting in a fresh battery and invest in a nice back cover and you should be good to go. I suggest either go to your local repair store or iBroked they seem to be doing a goodĀ job of repairing iPhones in Lahore.


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