iPhone 6S LCD Repair

Earlier we blogged about why it’s important to change your LCD unit and not just the glass over here. As you all know iPhone uses gorilla glass on all their devices. Mechanics will tell you to just change the glass for X amount in in Lahore, Pakistan which is much lower than what the LCD display touch unit cost is. Of course you will be tempted to change it, but remember the price is lower because the quality of glass is of lower quality as compared to the original gorilla glass. This will also effect your touch especially in iPhone 6S series as the force touch comes into consideration if the glass is not fixed properly and it might stop working.

You should be wary of that fact and only use either a high end gorilla glass which is hard to get your hands on or just go for a high quality LCD unit which will solve your problem as it’s a much better option. Don’t compromise on the quality with such a high end device.

In case you want to book us and change the LCD unit of your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus click here

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